How do I play YoYo?

Playing YoYo Fantasy Sports is simple!
1) Pick a game from this week's matches
2) Pick the player you think will do the best based on their YoYo Points system- remember every player receives a different amount of points, per action dependant on their previous form
3) Choose what you want to play for and challenge a friend
4) Watch your battle unfold in real time on the battle screen. Here you can see live in-play stats as they happen and watch as your player’s points go up and down
NB All bets are settled offline. On this version of YoYo you can not deposit or receive real money.

Why do all of the players have different scoring systems?

Typical fantasy football games use one size fits all scoring systems with limited stats that do not properly reflect players’ true performance. For e.g. In N’Golo Kanté came 155th in the official EPL fantasy football game last year.
The YoYo Points system is different. Every player is judged on the same 25 stats but receives a different amount of points for each, dependant on their previous performances. This means that players are more accurately rewarded for their actions. Kanté won’t receive points for goals or assists but, he will for turnovers, interceptions and tackles… When he does score however, he will be heavily rewarded! It is up to users to decide which player’s YoYo Points offers the most value. YoYo rewards those who know football not fantasy sports!

How are the YoYo Points systems decided?

We take OPTA data from the current and previous seasons to analyse the importance of certain statistics to each position and their effects on the outcome of a match. This is why we have 25 stats in our scoring systems - to effectively reward all positions for their contribution to a match. We then compare each player’s stats to the league average to form a handicap and apply that to create each player’s YoYo Points. For example; if Harry Kane has a goals per game ratio of 1:1 but the league average is 1:2, Harry Kane will receive half as many points for a goal compared to the league average.

Why do I bet the same amount as my opponent, no matter what player I choose?

We benchmark every player against the league average and apply a handicap to create their YoYo Points. This means, on average, if Ozil gets twice as many assists as any other player over recent, he will get half as many points for each assist in the next game. This makes every battle, a fair battle, no matter which two players are chosen. The skill is in using your knowledge to predict who is going to play better!
These YoYo Points are updated every week to make sure that every time you play YoYo, it is a fair contest.

What if my player doesn’t play?

This is a tricky one and something we are working on! At the moment, this still counts as a live game and if your player comes onto the pitch, he will then start to accrue points. If he does not get on then unfortunately he will finish the game with 0.

Can I see my player’s stats as they happen live in-play?

Yes! We receive live data from OPTA that updates each time the ball goes out of play. This means that during any match, you can go on to the Battle Screen and see your player’s live, in-game stats. This is great not just to see if you’re winning a YoYo battle, but to wow your friends at the pub with your in-game stat knowledge!

What happens if the battle is a draw?

Simple – there is no winner. Best to play again to settle the score!

What if my player gets subbed?

If your player gets subbed, his YoYo score will stay where it is when he leaves the field. Your opponents player may stay on and lose points so this might be a good thing! It’s important when choosing a player to take all of this into account.

Is playing YoYo Fantasy Sports, gambling?

Not currently, no! All bets are settled offline privately.