About Us

YoYo is a daily fantasy soccer game that lets you play by choosing just one player. YoYo is special because of our scoring system.

Traditional fantasy sports scoring systems are flawed and do not truly reflect the performance of athletes because they use a one size fits all system, but this isn’t how sports works and it shouldn’t be how fantasy works either.

YoYo uses data science to accurately score players, effectively rewarding them for their actual performances,whilst also applying a handicap to make each match up a fair battle. Every week, before each match, you will be able to see what score each player gets for each action, therefore taking into account current form. For example, Vardy scored a lot more than Hazard last season, therefore Vardy may get 5 points for a goal, whereas Hazard will get 7 points.

Scoring System

Positive Fantasy Points Negative Fantasy Points
Goal Penalty missed
Assist Red card
Key Pass Yellow card
Shot on target Foul defensive third
Shot blocked Failed pass
Shot off target Foul (Penalty)
Corner won Aerial duel lost
Completed cross Ground duel lost
Completed pass
Last man tackle
Aerial duel won
Defensive third tackle

How to play:

Step 1: Choose your fixture
Step 2: Choose your player
Step 3: Choose your entry fee (determining the prize)
Step 4: Challenge your friends or random opponent